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TilliT announces new global partners

TilliT is excited to announce two new global partnerships, as the next-gen digital platform continues to build clients in Australia and internationally.

The cloud-based solution has been praised for its ability to save time and improve efficiency in manufacturing operations, receiving an 8.3 composite score in the 2022 MES Data Quadrant Report and being awarded the gold medal in the category.

Developed to digitize manual tasks, TilliT enables manufacturers to improve productivity and efficiency while connecting human ability and knowledge to drive better outcomes through integrated planning, execution and analyzing of manufacturing processes.

TilliT-Lifestyle-Bakery-1An operator at Lifestyle Bakery uses TilliT on the manufacturing floor.

As part of the growth of the platform, TilliT has announced new integration partners, Autoware Digital and Appomax.

Operating for more than 25 years, Italy and USA-based organization Autoware Digital is a system integrator with clients across food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals and original equipment manufacturing.

TilliT is also joined by Appomax by Compomax, based in Thailand, as a leading manufacturing IoT and execution system software partner.

Under the partnership, TilliT will help Appomax and its clients to easily optimize their business and prioritize client’s needs through its no-code, simple to set up, digital factory platform.

“We’re thrilled to be working with two new companies to bring TilliT to more manufacturing clients around the world. Autoware and Appomax are aligned with our vision to make digitalization more accessible to manufacturing companies, and these partnerships have been selected because we see a real synergy in the way we work with clients,” said James Balzary, TilliT CEO and Co-Founder.

The adoption of a digital manufacturing platform can help to solve the most common problems, improve quality, efficiency and effectiveness across all functions and departments and help manufacturers to stay competitive.

Earlier this year, TilliT was named the winner of the Technology Application Award and the Australian Industrial Product of the Year at the Manufacturers’ Monthly Endeavour Awards.

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