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2023 Wrapped: TilliT’s Global Evolution and Digital Innovations

It’s been another big year for TilliT, from expanding into the global market to integrating a plethora of new features – our journey this year has been marked by technological innovations and exciting new partnerships, helping more clients than ever to digitally evolve their manufacturing operations.

In case you missed any major news across the year, here’s a quick snapshot of TilliT’s 2023!

Success stories

This year, we continued to help revolutionize operations at Derby Rubber – a leading Australian rubber manufacturer – with our digital workflow solution, helping to enhance efficiency and sustainability.

WATCH: The TilliT-Derby Rubber case study, released in early 2023.

Using TilliT, Derby Rubber is empowering operators, enhancing decision-making capabilities, and improving sustainability by digitalizing day-to-day workflow and removing paper from the shop floor.

“Our ongoing partnership is really helping Derby Rubber kick goals to continuously innovate the business and to continuously deliver improved value for our customers.”

Michael Clayton, CEO of Derby Rubber.

This year, we welcomed new customers worldwide to the TilliT platform, including Bedford Group, C-Vale Brazil, Holloway Group, Nippy’s, OzPak, UBlockout USA, PakPot, and Natures Flame – just to name a few!

Hear from Ozpak's Wayne Cubbin about the huge role digital tools are playing in optimizing their factory in our latest webinar with TilliT CTO, Rafael Amaral.

Key product updates and milestones

Our platform is constantly evolving to address our client's specific needs. Here are some key TilliT product updates and milestones across 2023:

  • Material movement module released – enabling full tracking and traceability of material consumptions and production.
  • Tighter Integration to Scheduling – improving conformance to plan analysis with a real-time feedback loop to shop floor execution.
  • Advanced Analytics – delivering sophisticated data analytics with customised queries and flexible visualisations.
  • GS1-compliant barcode scanning – camera or barcode scanner integrated barcode and license plate scanning.
  • Inductive Automation Ignition Module – released our bi-directional Ignition SCADA connector for improved integration for Ignition customers.
  • Event Relay Logic – allowing dynamic line management rules and synchronisation of tasks between linked or disconnected assets.
  • Learning Management and TilliT Academy – enhancing our training material for more seamless onboarding and user adoption.

Global Partnerships

This year we launched our Partnership Engagement Model, providing systems integrators, consultants, resellers and thought leaders with a rapid onboarding approach to clarify how TilliT can add value fast for their clients.

This simple partnership model accelerates customer satisfaction and provides an opportunity for a long-term partnership for both systems integrators and consultants looking to improve their client’s bottom line.

PACK EXPO TILLITTilliT CEO James Balzary (front right) engaging with attendees at PACK EXPO.

We were pleased to announce several new global partners, including Autoware Digital, Appomax, and NZ Controls, while further exploring the U.S. market at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2023.

Finally, we shared a new case study exploring how our foundational partner Nukon deployed TilliT for one of the world’s largest wine-making companies in less than 50% of the time versus a traditional MES approach and at less than half the cost for software licensing of market competitors. Read the case study.

Looking ahead to 2024

The upcoming year is brimming with opportunities. Our vision for 2024 is to deepen our partnerships, digitally transform even more manufacturing businesses, and add new features to our platform to make TilliT more powerful than ever before.

We're excited to invite you to be a part of this journey. Explore partnership opportunities with TilliT and discover how we can achieve mutual success in 2024 and beyond.

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